Quick Start System

Fire your Boss

and Start Making the Money

you Deserve

as a

Highly Sought-After Consultant

(Or Coach or Specialized Service Provider)


Do you have knowledge or experience that is of value to others?


Do you see yourself as a key advisor – helping others and businesses as a consultant, coach or freelance service provider?


It’s time to stop giving away your advice for free.


Get paid for your ideas and expertise.


It’s your time to launch your own part-time or full-time consulting (or coaching, or freelance) business.



Quick-Start System:

How to Successfully Launch your Own Part-time or Full-time Consulting, Service or Coaching Business in Just 21 Days


You’ll Discover:

□   9 low-cost/no-cost marketing

strategies which will power your

image and income opportunities

□   How to obtain the highest market

      value for your know-how and ideas

□   How to profitably participate in the new entrepreneurship


□  How to get clients to seek you out first

□   How to avoid giving away your

valuable know-how for free

□   How to identify often-missed opportunities which can double your income  


Most importantly, you’ll stop making money for a boss and start making money for you – start realizing your own dreams and aspirations.  It’s also time to be doing work that has meaning for you.


Take advantage of this program now to start your own business in 21 days or less.

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Who is this for…

  • An expert in a field or service that can help people and companies
  • An unemployable expert.  Are you too experienced and companies don’t want to pay your salary?
  • A freelancer who needs to upgrade your existing business
  • An experienced coach looking for new ways to market and get the exposure you need


Program Components

Part 1:           Positioning

Part 2:           The Client

Part 3:           Marketing Mindset

Part 4:           Marketing Tool Kit

Part 5:            Marketing Tool Kit – Online

Part 6:           Management – Delivery

Part 7:           Agreements – Fees

Part 8:           Packaging


What is it?  Video recordings walk you through an extensive workbook designed to give you information – fast and to the point.  This is not long and drawn out.  The guidance is practical and helps you start building your business immediately.


Here’s what you’ll discover in this digital program…
  • How consultants set their fees – and how this knowledge can raise your consulting income
  • Why very low fees can actually hurt your image
  • How to figure out what a client is willing to pay
  • How to overcome client objections to your fees
  • Why  you have to know what your competitors charge – and how to find out
  • How to get advanced retainers or start-up payments
  • How you can make money consulting for clients with low budgets
  • 5 common situations where consultants give away their services – and how to avoid them
  • How to turn a request for a free needs analysis into a paid consultation
  • Changing a “quick answer” situation into a consulting assignment
  • How to write proposals that get you consulting assignments
  • How to handle your first face-to-face meeting with a prospect so you walk away with a contract
  • Why you shouldn’t cut your fees – even if it means that you will loose the assignment

How to market your consulting services

  • 7 reasons clients use consultants – and how you can take advantage of them
  • How to use 9 proven, highly effective low-cost/no-cost marketing strategies
  • Hazardous marketing strategies that could damage your image
  • How to develop advertising, brochures, and capability statements that boost your business
  • Why most consultants’ ads fail – and how to make yours work
  • Why professional consultants should never use resumes
  • 4 proven ways to actually create demand for your services
  • How to promote yourself at meetings, conventions, and trade shows
  • How to make sure you meet only with the decision-makers in a client organization
  • Using the internet to promote
  • How to get 80% of your business from networking, referrals & image marketing
  • Why your knowledge doesn’t mean a thing unless you have the right image
  • How to get clients to seek you out first
  • How to find hidden consulting opportunities
  • How to use networking to multiply your sales efforts
  • How to sell if a prospect is serious – or a time waster
  • Strategies for beginning the first meeting with your client.
  • 2 ways to handle client requests for references
  • How to overcome the 7 fears clients have about using a consultant
  • How to identify and deal with conflicts of interest
  • Why you have to turn down some consulting assignments – and how to do it
  • How your working relationship with the client’s staff can make or break you
  • How to protect yourself from warring factions in the client’s organization
  • How to avoid problems involving liability
  • How to apply success strategies to your consulting practice
  • The benefits and drawbacks of working out of your own home
  • How to keep your overhead low while you expand
  • Selecting a name for your business
  • Hiring employees/sub-contracting to other consultants
  • How to protect yourself from loss of income due to disability
  • What you need to know aboutcontracts, billing & collection
    • How to get a signed contract when the client objects to a written agreement
    • How to select the right contract for the consulting situation
    • What you should – and shouldn’t – include in your contract or agreement
    • The benefits and pitfalls of performance contracts
    • How to get retainers – and when to avoid them
    • How the wording on your invoice can actually encourage prompt payment
    • 5 ways you can cut out collection problems
  • How to be sure you receive your fee in advance of providing service


Take advantage of this introductory offer now to start your own business

What kind of business can I start?

  • Consulting – business or technical
  • Coaching – business or personal
  • Freelance – specialized services in any niche


Why would companies want to hire your services?

            Simple, to save money.  Many types of expertise is expensive to bring on board full-time.  Companies need seasoned professionals for specific skills, knowledge or capabilities on a part-time or temporary basis.  You can be that service provider.


What kinds of expertise?

            You name it.  anything from software coding to leadership training, from website design to financial savvy, from management advise to industry connections, from staff training to organizational performance.  We could go on.  Just about any area of business and personal services that needs help and guidance.  Your consulting abilities can be just what your clients want and need – and are willing to pay you for results.


Program elements:

Digital format:  8 Recordings, Quick-Start Manual, 21 Day Launch Checklist


You are an expert already.  You know how to do what you do.  We just want to help you be successful as quickly as possible.  Enroll today and in a matter of days you can get started, even if you have a job now.  This is your exit strategy. 

Don’t wait.  Start today.

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